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An immersive and interactive audiovisual installation

Montréal, May 17, 2007 — The Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] invites you to the vernissage of its new exhibition at the SAT[Gallery], 4D-mix³. A product of the work conducted within the TOT [Territoires Ouverts – Open Territories] research program, 4D-mix³ is an immersive, interactive audiovisual installation that offers the visitor a most unusual encounter.

4D-mix³ :: An immersive, interactive audiovisual installation.

The installation invites you to enter into a 4D remix zone where rythms and imagery are drawn to your moves. In the very centre of the installation, the visitor will be immersed in an all-encompassing audiovisual environment. While the sounds generated by movements will combine to create a melody, through graphic emanations images will provide a virtual reflection of the individual in the space. 

Employing a specially designed motion detection, video projection and sound transmission device, this installation is one of the results of a research program on new media and their use by artists. To be more specific, this work is the fruit of a collaboration among members of the sound immersion group of the TOT [Territoires Ouverts – Open Territories] research program and two graphic artists with backgrounds in 3D animation and interactive design.
Such collaboration is in line with the “positive contamination” approach of the SAT, whose mission is to foster cross-fertilization between the arts, science and technology.

Set up by the Society for Arts and Technology in 2003, the TOT [Territoires Ouverts – Open Territories] research program came to a successful conclusion in March 2007. Led by various researchers and artists, the aim of this program was to explore on-line creation and provide artists with applications especially designed for work in the new media. Among the applications developed as part of the program was audioTWIST, the key component of this installation.

4D-mix³ :: Zack Settel, Mike Wozniewski, Jean-Michel Dumas, Paul Warne, Nicolas Barbeau 

Creator and dArtistic Director:: Zack Settel

Vernissage:: Thursday May 10 5@7
Society for Arts and Technology
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From May 10 to June 17
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Contact:: Benjamin Laugier
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